Good news! You are in a right place…!

The website is like an interactive online reflection of your business and it has a few important roles:

  • tell your story to internet users
  • impress them in less than 7 seconds
  • keep users on your site

Does your site meet these requirements?

  1. Is it simple to navigate through your site?
  2. Is your design responsive and looks good on every device?
  3. Does your page have a link to connect users with your profiles on social media?
  4. Do you have a website at all?

If any of your answers are NO, you should contact me and arrange a meeting.

“The website is like an interactive online reflection of your business.”

Functionality should be more important than the beauty of design

Let’s focus for a moment more on website functionality.

Responsive design is must have. More and more users are using their smartphones for web search and social media exploring. The website should be the same quality on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. Otherwise, you can forget about half of the users from your target list.

Simple navigation allows visitors to navigate easily through a website and to find quickly what they are looking for. If that doesn’t happen in a short time, visitors will leave the page. When searching the website, users often have no patience if they can’t find what they are looking for right away. They are scanning the site hoping to find what they are looking for, or at least a sign that they are searching at the right place. Using logos, different tagline, CTA (call-to-action) phrases are very helpful in that case.

Optimized content – in order for your target users to find your website, the page must be optimized for search engines (SEO friendly). However, keep in mind that the content should be also tailored to users, not only for search engines. If you don’t know how to make a good balance, don’t worry, I do! Using the right keywords, visitors will find your website, and if the content is relevant to their needs, they will soon become your users.

Social network – communication through a website belongs to a group of mass communication, therefore it’s incomplete. That kind of communication lacks feedback, so it is important to allow users to comment on content on the website, through a contact form, e-mail, or through a link to business profiles on social media. If you have customer support, live chat is also one of the most popular options.

I’m using WORDPRESS, how about you?

Using the WordPress platform which contains various design techniques, I can provide you with a website that will be a powerful SEO tool.

It doesn’t matter what type of site you need, it can be a site that informs users, sells a service/product or a blog, your posts will be optimized and ready to launch your site to the top position on search engines.

The choice of plugins provides the ability to upgrade and modify it in a very short time. Creating a website doesn’t last long. In 7 days you can have the website you always wanted.

There are more and more WordPress users every day, but that’s not a problem considering a wide range of themes, so your website can still be unique, functional and user-friendly. WordPress is used by famous world brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Vogue magazine, Walt Disney, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM… so I guess you decided by now – WordPress it is!?!

If you want your website to tell the best story about you and your business – contact me!


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